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Relying on its 17-year knowledge in the field of importing electronic components, ELE Group has always been a supporter of industries, manufacturers, companies, and experts in the electronic field. Understanding that the most important feature when buying is to ensure the authenticity and price of parts, ELE Electronics has tried to provide direct purchases from the most reputable brands and suppliers in the world with the utmost power and tools available and by cooperating with electronic components manufacturers have tried to satisfy customers according to their requests and needs, which will be done with the best quality, lowest price and in the shortest possible time.

cryptocurrency mining


Always Growing



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DHL Delivery


Best Brands

Miner Machines are fully checked before delivery

Our Vision

ELE Group intends to use the experiences and credits gained in its years of activity, to become a reference for the supply of any type of Cryptocurrency Mining Machines and provide the possibility of finding the most trending miners with the best price out there in the market.

Miners crypto

Best Companies

We only sell high-quality miners compatible with the market’s most valuable cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum

Cryptocurrency mining

Our Mission

Our group hopes to help the cryptocurrency miners by providing a platform for purchasing and supplying parts directly and without intermediaries and to help our community keep up with the latest technologies in the electronics industry.

Why us?

We know what is expected..!

24/7 Support

We are always ready to help you with every step from purchasing a product to have it all ready and running. And even 6 month of after sales services

We help

I you don't know which machines fits your goals the best, our team can and will help you to choose the best device.

Full protection

All mining devices are checked before delivery but we also provide you with 7 days return warranty.

How to find us

Our headquarter has been located in Tehran, the capital of Iran, for 17 years. Our product loading and import center is in Chabahar near one of the harbors of Sistan and Baluchestan province. All international shipments are sent from this center.


Unit 7, No. 20, Marvdasht St., Sadeghieh 2nd Square, Tehran


No. 378, Imam ST., Chabahar, Shitan and Balouchestan, Iran





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